RENU is less a brand and more an emotion—we hold beauty in high regard, be it tangible or intangible,transitory or eternal. Pure fabrics, delicate designs, elegant colours— that is what Renu sarees and jewellery stand for. We bring the best to you.

Not only that, “Renu” showcases the beauty of our Handloom industry. We promote handlooms to increase income of weavers and also boost their confidence. So by supporting and buying from“Renu”, you are not only supporting our dream, but also the lives of many others.We at Renu, are reaching out to weavers in the remotest of places to help them during this sudden disruption of businesses. Kindly support us and help us in weaving threads of hope in the times of crisis. The already ailing Handloom sector needs you. Let Renu be the bridge in between you and someone’s happiness. Help us to help them. Support handloom and sustainable products and as we all know the beauty of sustainable product is beyond just its appearance. It’s deeper.

Also, we at Renu take women empowerment very seriously. Over 90% of our craftsperson, artisans and designers are women whose creativity and passion lie at our very core. We directly collaborate with weavers to create magic.

We are committed to delivering the best shopping experience. From huge range of eclectic designs of sarees to amazing line of jewellry, you can choose what suits your persona and taste. We believe in comfort and style. Fashion and Fad may come and go, but comfort and style is here to stay. Hence it is so important for us to offer you what brings the best in you, which enhance your feel-good factor, your comfort, your elegance, your confidence and ensure that you stand out from the crowd and make heads turn.